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Engel Sports

Engel Sports

Engel Sports is Engel's new line of high performance athletic wear designed for sports and outdoor activities made from certified organic merino wool and silk.  This new line of apparel utilizes a new material made from superfine merino wool fibers that are only 17.5 micron thick and combined with exquisite silk.  

The merino sheep that produce the wool are certified organic livestock from South America.  All Engel Sports garments are produced in Germany in compliance with the criteria for socially responsible labor practices and certified under the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).  

This combination of merino wool and silk results in maximum breathability, comfortably insulating your body from extreme temperatures.  The inclusion of 2% spandex reinforces the natural elasticity of the wool fibers, enabling the clothin to retain its shape remarkably well.  

Engel Sports apparel provides the highest level of functionality of nearly every type of athletic activity, both indoors and outdoors.   The snug-fitting design allow the garments to cling to the body, conforming to your movement.  

The natural properties of the wool/silk blend produce an antibacterial effect, which greatly reduces the buildup of odor caused by sweat.  These garments do not need to be washed often- simply hanging them out in the fresh air between uses is sufficient until laundering is necessary.  

These garments are available in two different weights: a lighter fabric weight of 150 g/m and a warmer fabric weight of 200 g/m2.