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We are excited to carry organic baby clothing and accessories from Engel, a German company dedicated to having minimal negative environmental, economic, and social impacts during the production of their organic textiles- from start to finish. 

Engel has been producing knitted cotton diapers since the 1960’s. They have since added to their collection a variety of high quality natural textiles using untreated cotton, including a complete natural nappy changing system, underwear for babies, a nightwear assortment for babies, baby outerwear and a small range of fleece clothing from pure Merino virgin wool.

The company uses organic cotton, the finest organic Merino virgin wool, natural organic Merino virgin wool with silk, and organic cotton with silk. All dyes are free of heavy metals and harmful AZO-dyes. Only reactive dyes are used for the wool textiles, and the company abstains from any kind of chemical finishing while processing their textiles.

Engel is committed to the practice that all agents used should be bio-degradable and do not pollute soil, air, or water. All metal components used are free of nickel, and any other materials stem from natural renewable resources. These characteristics along with maximum permissible values for hazardous materials that could damage the environment or health are regularly tested in independent environmental laboratories. 

Engel's textiles have been awarded with NATURAL TEXTILE- IVN CERTIFIED BEST by the International Association for Natural Textile Industry (IVN).  The products also meet the standards for the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).