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Ruskovilla has been manufacturing environmentally friendly textiles in Finland since 1981.    They are deeply committed to quality during every phase of production;  from the raw materials to the finished product, the company takes people and environment into consideration. 

Ruskovilla's beautiful line of apparel and cloth diapering products are all made from natural fibers:  organic wool, organic cotton, natural silk, and a wool/silk blend.  Their goal has been to create a durable and timeless collection of basic garments, that you and your family feel comfortable in. 

The wool is ethically produced organic merino wool from Argentina and Uruguay and is produced according to the criteria of IVN (Internationaler Verband der Naturtextilwirtschaft e.V.). The yarn is spun by a German spinnery, and it is certified by IMO (Institute for Marketecology).  The spinnery uses as few synthetic chemicals as possible for dying woollen yarn. The dying process takes place in closed system with the use of reactive dyes causing the fibres to react completly with the dye and preventing the dyes from running. Therefore, reactive dyes are safer option for garments that are in direct contact with the skin. No chrome dyes or heavy metal salts are used in the organic production process. Any harmless auxiliary products that are indispensible in the dyeing process are flushed out in the post-dyeing rinsing process.

Ruskovilla silk products have not been chemically treated during production and the silk thread we are using has been given the safe textile certificate Öko-Tex Standard 100.

Ruskovilla's cotton is certified organic Indian cotton.  The production of organic cotton utilizes biological pest control, organic fertilizing, crop rotation, is picked by hand, and values social responsibility for the farmers and their families.

Ruskovilla garments are a Finnish product, all the way from knitting and design to cutting and sewing. As a symbol of domestic manufacturing, all products have been granted the "Made in Finland" Key Flag label.