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Cloth Diapering

We love cloth diapering, and we strongly believe that the most important aspect of the cloth diaper is the actual fabric that touches your baby's skin.  Because of that, we carry only cloth diapers that allow for 100% organic & natural fibers to be in direct contact with your baby’s skin. We offer a variety of diapering products made from organic cotton, organic wool, and natural healing silk.

Our favorite organic cloth diapering system is also one of the most simple & most traditional: a 100% organic cotton diaper paired with a 100% organic wool cover. We love this because there is simply not a more natural combination than this. Not only is it the most natural and healthy option, but it is very effective- it is breathable, absorbent, and comfortable for the baby.    

Organic cotton is very absorbent and easy to care for, and wool is breathable and wicks away moisture.  When you pair those two together, you have the most natural cloth diapering combo available!