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Why does the price change when I select a larger size? 

Most of our European manufacturers price their items by size.  The smallest size garment has the lowest price, and the price increases with each size up.  These prices are determined by the amount of materials used.  You can select and view each price by size before adding the item to your cart.  

How to match color names to pictures

If you enlarge the pictures to full screen on PC the color names are under the pictures for the majority of the products. 

What is listed under "Materials:" in product description

"Materials:" is showing the content of the main fabric. It does not show the content of the linings, threads, buttons, zippers...

What about the dyeing process?

We only carry products that are free of artificial dyes containing heavy metals.  

During the conventional dyeing process of cotton garments, heavy metal dyes are often used. In addition, bleaches or optical brighteners are used to convert the natural off-white cotton color into that blindingly bright white that you so often see in garments; these chemical brighteners are also used to achieve strong, even colors in non-organic cotton clothing.  

Cotton is beautiful. Naturally.  That is why many manufacturers of organic cotton avoid the use of heavy metal dyes and instead use either no dyes at all or dyes that are free of heavy metals and formaldehyde.

Cloth Diapering F.A.Q.

Pleae refer to our section on Cloth diapering.