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Alkena Silk

Alkena Silk

Sichuan Alkena is based on a biodynamic silk farm located in the Sichuan province in southwest China.  Sichuan Alkena was the first biodynamic silk project in the world and is the first and only company in the world providing certified organic silk.

The quality of Alkena silk is simply outstanding, and silk is one of the most ideal options for baby clothing.    Silk is wonderful for the skin, particularly for sensitive baby skin.  Silk is soft, gentle, and truly luxurious.  It is ideal for year-round wear, helping to regulate the body’s temperature and keeping your baby cool during summer and warm during winter.  Silk is both insulating and breathable.  Silk also resists dirt and odors quite well, another reason it’s an excellent choice for babies. 

All of Alkena’s processes, including knitting, weaving, dyeing, printing and sewing are annually inspected and monitored by IMO as against Global Organic Textile Standard.  Sichuan Alkena focuses on dyestuff quality and is environment-friendly. The Alkena dyeing mill utilizes Clariant reactive dyestuff free from heavy metals, toxin and AOX.

Label origin and quality, hangtag, wrapping tissue and all kinds of accessories are under strict control of Sichuan Alkena and clients complying with Oeko-Tex 100, GOTS or buyer's national standards.  Alkena is committed to 'No heavy metal and no toxin'.

Organic silk cocoons originate from Alkena’s self-invested farms. Cocoons are reeled for filament by a long-term partner.  IMO supervises and certifies all silk farms, reeling mill and garment workshops annually as organic producers. The IMO certification includes organic mulberry leaves, organic silk cocoons and organic silk filament.

Alkena products are manufactured under healthy environment.  The company is <>IMO-certified as per Social and Fair Trade Program.