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End of Summer Sale- Save 20%

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Woolen Season is Near!

It seems as though summer has only just begun here in Colorado, and yet we already find ourselves daydreaming of crisp autumn days. We feel it's important to spend time outdoors every day, regardless of the weather, and so we look forward to pulling out our woolens and bundling up so we can all play outdoors comfortably- even our littlest family members!

A warm wool base layer is the perfect way to stay warm outdoors during the fall and winter, and cozy wool outerwear is excellent for winter in cold climates.

New Fall Arrivals

We've been working hard to add many exciting new arrivals before fall arrives. Here are a few of our latest arrivals.


We are very excited to introduce Ruskovilla'sbeautiful & high quality organic woolens for the entire family & cloth diapering products.

Pololo Outdoor Shoes

Pololo outdoor shoes for toddlers and children have arrived! Pololo shoes are made from natural, vegetable tanned leather with wool felt insoles. They have just the right amount of flexibility for developing feet.

Engel Machine Washable Wool for Adults

Engel's new line of machine washable organic woolens are now in stock in adult sizes & beautiful new colors.

End of Summer Sale

Now is a great time to prepare for the cool weather with woolens for the entire family!

Save 20% on your entire purchase, this week only.*

Coupon code endofsummer

*Excludes Sale items, Ostheimer, Pololo, Nanchen,Expires 8/17/14

Winter Woolen Essentials for Babies

    Winter Woolen Essentials for Babies As winter approaches, we receive many inquiries about which wool items are the most important as parents prepare their children’s wardrobes for fall and winter.  Browsing through the many different  options for wool underwear layers, outerwear, socks, hats, sleep sacks, and blankets, to name a few, can be overwhelming, so we have [...]

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Organic Cloth Diapering & Wool Covers for Toddlers

  Organic Cloth Diapering & Wool Covers for Toddlers We had high hopes of liberating our oldest son from diapers at an early age, and while we never intended to push potty learning on him, we did try to encourage him to become aware of his elimination from the time he was tiny.  We were thrilled when he [...]

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Cloth Diapering a Newborn with Wool

  After months of scraping, spraying, rinsing and soaking toddler cloth diapers and overcoming the tremendous challenges of potty training, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed cloth diapering a newborn.  I welcomed the simplicity of a diaper that requires nothing… extra, other than the sheer joy of gazing into my sweet newborn’s face while putting [...]

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Woolens for Babies During Wintertime

It’s Woolen Season! In this article:  The Benefits of Woolen Underwear for Babies & Children Which woolens are best for underwear? What other wool garments are good for babies for winter? As the cooler months approach, wool is flying off of our shelves faster than we can keep up with it.  And it’s no wonder- wool is nature’s perfect fiber to bundle up [...]

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Keep Your Baby Cool in Summertime with Organic Silk

  During the heat of the summer, particularly during an exceptionally scorching summer such as this one, new parents often struggle to find appropriate clothing for their newborn baby.  The dilemma is this: how do we find clothing that will keep our babies at a comfortable temperature under the heat of the sun without exposing their [...]

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Organic Cloth Diapering: Getting Started

Organic Cloth Diapering: Getting Started Exciting as it may be, getting started with cloth can be quite overwhelming.  The variety that exists is exhausting.   If you are familiar with our store, you probably already know how selective we are about our offering of cloth diapers. We feel so strongly about the importance of natural & organic fibers touching your [...]

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Using Wool Full Time & Choosing the Right Wool Cover for Your Baby

Using Wool Full Time & Choosing the Right Wool Cover for Your Baby Many cloth diapering parents are aware that it is possible to cover their baby’s cloth diaper with a wool cover, but few realize that it is possible to use wool both full-time and exclusively. When we first discovered wool in our home, we had no [...]

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A New Year & Our Path to a More Sustainable Life

A New Year & Our Path to a More Sustainable Life There’s something about the start of a new year that brings out the dreamers in all of us.  Hope for a brighter future, dreams about all that can be achieved in life. The growth of our business has been the focus of our energy over this past year, and [...]

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Wool Care Part 3: Lanolizing a Wool Cloth Diaper Cover

Wool Care Part3: Lanolizing a Wool Cloh Diaper Cover You should lanolize your wool cover if: You purchase a brand new wool cover (Lanolizing is an important part of the “prepping” process and should be done up to two or three times with brand new wool covers); OR You notice that your wool cover is no longer keeping [...]

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