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Ostheimer wooden figures were created many years ago by Margarate Ostheimer, based on her studies of Waldorf education and stemming from the need to bring back simple, high quality, basic educational toys for children.  This type of toy has now become a necessary counterpart to the "high-tech" world that has made its way into nearly every child's playroom.   These beautifully handcrafted toys are designed to awaken and encourage the creative forces in the child.  

Each Ostheimer wooden figure has been carefully designed and crafted to capture the typical form and movement of each animal, person, or object.  The form and color are intentionally kept to a minimum with the objective of preserving the fantasy world of your child and to inspire creative play with each child’s imagination.  Osteheimer toys encourage free play in children, which is a beautiful thing to observe.

All Ostheimer products are manufactured under the most current and valid safety standards.   The wood is painted with non-toxic water based colors with the intention of keeping the wood beautifully alive for children to experience.  The wood is not treated, so its open pores make survival of bacteria nearly impossible. 

“Play is at the very core of a child's life. It is the way children learn about the environment, the people in their lives, and most of all about themselves. Toys are the tools of creative play and with the right toys, a child can have not only an entertaining, but an enriching experience." - Margarate Ostheimer

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